About Us

For 3 generations, Edward Arnold Scrap Processors Inc. has been proudly American owned and operated by the Arnold Family. Our family takes pride in continuing the growth of the company and a continued presence in the Buffalo and WNY areas.

We Buy, Sell and Process all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We pride ourselves in having earned a solid reputation over the years of offering top-notch customer service.

Our company also takes pride in safety of our employees and customers by providing safety equipment to customers and with a radiation sensor to help keep radioactive material out of recycled material and disposed of properly to keep everyone safe.

Situated near Buffalo, NY in the surrounding town of Corfu, NY; our 50 acre site is home to robust, expanding business which ships scrap to mills in Canada, Pennsylvania, and Ohio throughout the Northeast and beyond.

As our company grows each year, we always remember that the one thing that has remained constant over are 50 plus years of operation is: Customer service- for buyers and sellers of all types of scrap.

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Our History

Edward Arnold Scrap Processors Inc. was founded by Edward Arnold Sr. and Darlyn Arnold in 1956. The business started with a single pickup truck in which Ed and Darlyn went around picking up scrap. The company now employs 70 people that help the scrap business provide services to individuals and businesses throughout the Northeast. Edward Arnold Scrap Processors Inc. family has grown with the addition of the third generation of family that now manages the business.

The company has a Harris Shear, Baler, Aluminum Sweat Furnace, and a Non-Ferrous Baler.

Meet the Team

ed arnold sr, ed arnold scrap corfu ny

Ed Arnold Sr.


ed arnold jr, ed arnold scrap corfu ny

Ed Arnold Jr.

Vice President & Buyer

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denise arnold, ed arnold scrap processors

Denise Arnold

Vice President & Dispatch

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darlyn arnold, ed arnold scrap processors

Darlyn Arnold


sandy eveland, ed arnold scrap processors

Sandy Eveland

Asst. to the Vice President

larry freil, ed arnold scrap processors

Larry Friel

Russ Cirino, ed arnold scrap processors

Russ Cirino

Lockport Manager

Dan McCarthy, ed arnold scrap processors

Dan McCarthy


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Danielle Arnold, ed arnold scrap processors

Danielle Arnold

Office Manager - Lockport

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Great place to start getting rid of those junk eye-sore cars and help beautify NY.

David Marino


I am a small time scrapper and a green rookie. The people at Eddie Arnold's have treated me as well as they treat the big 18 wheel scrappers. They are all ways patient with me and answer all my questions. It is a super place to do business. They have also taught me a lot about what to look for.

Dominic Tiberio

Small Time Scrapper

Family owned business. Honest and treat you fair.

Bonita Seelbinder

Scrap Customer