Scrap Materials

We accept all ferrous and non-ferrous metal such as commercial scrap metal, household appliances, vehicles, computer & electronics, plumbing & electrical contractor scrap, precious metals, and electrical wire. Residential, professional, and industrial scrap metal collectors are all welcome.

Commercial Scrap Metal Processing

At Ed Arnold Scrap we understand that your industrial scrap metal processing needs are a bit more complex than the average recycling job. We pride ourselves on working with your company to find the solution that best fits your unique circumstance.

We offer a number of Commercial Container Services for customers that require it.

Search the categories below for more information on the specific types of metal and scrap we accept for recycling.

scrap metal recycling, ed arnold
industrial scrap metal shavings

Materials we accept

All Solids and Turnings
Stainless Steel
Punching/Plate Skeleton
High-Temp and Nickel Alloys
High-Speed Tool Steel
Old Machines
Maintenance Scrap

automotive scrap metal recycling, ed arnold

Materials we accept

Catalytic Converters
Aluminum: Sheet, Cast, Iron, Rims
Trailer Bodies and Frames
Brass and Aluminum Radiators
Motor Blocks
Auto Batteries
Wheel Weights
Drums and Rotors
Crushed Cars

Materials we DO NOT accept

Items Containing Mercury
Materials Containing Asbestos
Containers with Free-flowing Liquids Inside or Outside (Tar, Oil, Gasoline)
Paint Cans
Radioactive Material
Military Target Range Scrap or Explosives

NOTE: We accept the following materials at no charge to the customer: newspapers, books and magazines, cardboard, office paper, phone books, and plastic containers.