Scrap Your Car

We pay cash for junk cars and also accept car donations.  Please call us to inquire about pick up of your car to scrap or donate.  We may be able to pick up a car for scrap within a 30 mile radius.

There are 2 main things needed to prepare your car for scrap or donation:

1. Proof of Ownership

In order to accept your car, we’ll need proof of ownership. Please bring your car title with you. If you do not have your title, you can go onto the DMV website and download, print, and fill out a request for a replacement. In addition, you can also complete the Odometer and Disclosure section on the back of the title. If you lost your title, you can request a duplicate by going to the DMV site and downloading the appropriate form. (Form MV-82TON)

2. Plates & Inspection Sticker Removed

You must remove your license plates and inspection sticker and return them to the DMV. Make sure you do this before your insurance expires or you could be fined.

scrap your car with ed arnold