Brass and Aluminum Radiators

Brass and Aluminum radiator

Brass and Aluminum Radiators Scrap Recycling

Brass and Aluminum Radiators are heat exchangers used to transfer thermal energy from one medium to another for the purpose of cooling and heating. The majority of radiators are constructed to function in cars, buildings, and electronics.

Automobile radiators

To prevent overheating, vehicle engines require radiators to pass coolant through malleable fins crafted out of brass and aluminum. Older automobiles often have brass fins in their radiators, but newer cars use aluminum because it’s much lighter.

Home and Building Radiators

Unlike radiators used in cars, radiators are used in homes to provide heating, not cooling. Radiators are made from metal because it’s an excellent conductor of heat. Hot water or steam travels through the radiator and the exterior fins naturally heat up over time. As those fins heat up, the surrounding air heats up as well.

Preparing a radiator for scrap

As with many metals, the cleaner the radiator is, the higher the price it will provide you. The term “clean” means that any steel or plastic ends have been cut off, leaving just the aluminum or brass remaining. You can use a Sawzall or other reciprocating saw to do this. Don’t forget the safety gloves and goggles!

Recycling is the best way to get rid of old car radiators and home radiators. Come to us for Brass + Aluminum Radiators Recycling and get paid for the material. For large quantities, we offer scrap metal container services to store your scrap radiators

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