Drums and Rotors

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Drums and Rotors Recycling

Brake rotors are large steel discs found on any vehicle. They are often heavy (15-30 lbs. each) and if you have a larger quantity, it can be worth it to recycle them. Scrap brake rotors coming off of trucks, cars, vans, or larger commercial vehicles are all accepted at Ed Arnold.

How To Scrap Old Drums and Rotors

We buy brake rotors or brake drums from any type of vehicle. Its best to have the brake drums removed from the rotors. If the brake rotors have any ceramic or plastic attached, they may be downgraded. To get the best price be sure to separate them from your other metal.

Recycling is the best way to get rid of old brake rotors and drums. Bring them to us for proper disposal and get paid for the material. For large quantities, we offer scrap metal container services to store your old drums and rotors and allow for easier transport back to our scrapping facilities.

Current Prices for Drums and Rotors

Ed Arnold strives to offer the best pricing for drums and rotors across the Buffalo and Western New York area. Before you visit, call us for our current prices.

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