how to recycle car transmissions

What is a Car Transmission?

Every car has a transmission system. These move the power from the engine to the wheels. Over the years, transmission types evolved. Some cars still have three pedals, whereas modern ones have two. As old cars get scrapped, transmission systems litter the environment. Ed Arnold Scrap properly recycles all of your old car parts.


4 Kinds of Car Transmissions

There are four different kinds of car transmission systems. They are manual, automatic, continuously variable, and semi-automatic.

Manual Transmissions 
Manual transmission systems are the simplest and oldest type in the automotive industry. This gearbox connects the engine to the transmission shaft. People call these systems many different names, like stick shift, standard, or six-speed. Most modern cars do not have a manual transmission. Manuel systems take less fuel and are more efficient.

Automatic Transmissions 
For a simplified driving experience, the automatic transmission system is the way of the modern era. Most cars have automatic, but they have limited performance and more complications compared to a manual transmission.

Continuously Variable Transmissions 

This transmission uses belts and pulleys guided by a computer. This provides an infinite power ratio range. Unlike other systems, it does not use any gears.

Semi-Automatic / Dual Clutch Transmissions 
This transmission system has speedy gear changes that are unparalleled by any other transmission system.


How to Recycle Transmissions

Once you remove your transmission system from your car, we can take it off your hands. Transmission systems are made of many different materials, like aluminum, brass, high-temp and nickel alloys, and cast iron. No matter what kind of transmission you have, we have the equipment to recycle it and give you a stellar price.

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