Insulated Wire

scrap electric wire, insulated wireInsulated Copper Wire Scrap Recycling

There are many types of insulated wires, which all have different values for scrap recycling. Electric wires are usually covered with insulation, and beneath is the metal wire. Electric wires are typically made from aluminum and copper. Insulated electric wires can be found in home appliances as well as used in construction, and they can be scrapped for money. Ed Arnold Scrap Processors offer the best price for insulated wires in Buffalo and the Western New York area.

Recycling Insulated Wires

There are several ways to recycle scrap insulated wires. The wires can be first stripped and brought to use as bare wire for a higher price. To learn more about wire stripping, watch this video. However, we also accept insulated wire as-is, and will pay you a mixed metal wire price. To learn more about Insulated Copper Wire Scrap Recycling, read our guide: Metal Recycling 101. 

You can recycle your insulated electric wire with us for a competitive price. Contact us today to learn about our latest prices for different types of insulated wires.

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