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Recycling Your Brass Scrap Metal

Brass scrap metal recycling is a common way for people to earn money.

Brass has been a well-used material for decoration due to its bright, gold-like appearance. It is commonly used for drawer pulls and doorknobs. Most eating utensils contain brass due to properties such as having a low melting point, high workability, durability, and electrical and thermal conductivity.

Brass is a copper alloy commonly found in plumbing and fixtures. It is also found in car radiators, door knobs, and in trim hardware.

The most well-known copper alloy families are brass (copper-zinc), bronze (copper-tin) and copper-nickel.

Industrial uses of brass result in many types of scrap, such as turnings, borings, and grindings.

How To Recycle Your Brass Scrap Metal

Brass is graded based on its condition, which will affects the price you receive when you recycle it. To get the best price, separate the brass and cut off any pieces of solder or other imperfections.

Recycling is the best way to get rid of old or obsolete brass. Bring it to us for proper disposal and get paid for the material. For large quantities of brass, we offer scrap metal container services to allow for easier transport back to our scrapping facilities. You can call us at 585-762-9080 for rates on brass metal recycling.

To learn more about scrap metal recycling and where to find it in your home, check out our free Metal Recycling 101 guide. 

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