Residential and commercial plumbing projects often include extensive plumbing work. From bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects to replacing old pipes, much of the work that homeowners, plumbers, and contractors do results in a lot of scrap metal. At Ed Arnold Scrap Processors, our experienced team can help you get the best price on your plumbing scrap metal.

Whether its a small truck load or a large job site’s worth of scrap metal, Ed Arnold can help. Our container services are perfect for job-site sorting, and our team can help you properly dispose of various types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, steel, lead and more. We’ll help you properly sort and categorize so that you can get the best price available.

We serve the scrap metal needs of plumbers and contractors around Buffalo, Niagara Falls and elsewhere in Western New York.

Common types of plumbing scrap metal include:

plumbing scrap materials

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