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Die Cast Hardware Recycling

Do you need help with die-cast hardware recycling? Read below to learn more about die-cast hardware and how to properly scrap it.

Die casting is a metal forging process that allows the quick production of many household plumbing parts. Since this is a high-yield process, we recycle many residential and commercial plumbing pieces. Some of these die-cast parts include large fixtures like pipes and faucets and can be as small as nuts and bolts.  

How To Scrap Your Die Cast Hardware

First, separate the die-cast metals from scrap and all other non-metal materials so we can give you most accurate and fair pricing. We price scrap based on the quality of the material. Next, make sure the piece is clean, without rust, and in its most pure form.

Die Cast Recycling can be tricky to do on your own. Bring in your hardware to Ed Arnold for proper disposal and get paid for the material. For large quantities, we offer scrap metal container services to store your die cast hardware, and allow for easier transport back to our facilities.

Call us at 585-762-9080 for current rates on metal recycling in Buffalo, NY. We are a family-owned local business that is here for your scrapping needs.


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