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Plumbing Fixtures Recycling

Do you need help with recycling plumbing fixtures? Maybe you have recently replaced your old sink, or you are redesigning your business’ building. Either way, Ed Arnold is here to help you with your scrap metal needs. Contact us with any questions or read below for some basic recycling tips.

Clean, non-corroded scrap has the most value. You may separate rusty, corroded plumbing scrap from your pieces of clean plumbing scrap and safety recycle them.

Residential and commercial fixtures can consist of a vast range of metals. You may find that your unwanted plumbing scrap contains brass or copper hidden under a layer of finish. Many industries seek these metals and will pay a decent price for them.

You want to do your best to strip any extra plastic or less valuable metal from your scrap. Once you have stripped the metal to its purest form, you should get the best price for that piece.


How To Scrap Your Plumbing Fixtures

Separate your plumbing fixture from other scrap metal to get the best price.

Bring your plumbing fixture for proper disposal and get paid for the material. For large quantities, we offer scrap metal container services to store your plumbing materials, and allow for easier transport back to our facilities.

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