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Water Heater Recycling

Recycle your water heaters with us. If you are a homeowner, contractor or professional plumbing company, bring old water heaters to us to be recycled.

Can I Scrap Whole Water Heaters?

If you scrap the whole water heater, it will be processed as light-steel shred, mixed metal, or another variant, and will result in a lower rate. However, water heaters usually contain more valuable metals, and these can be separated to receive a better price. Common materials that can be separated from a water heater include:

  • Copper: Heating elements, internal copper tubes, fittings and wire
  • Brass: Valves (i.e. drain valve), gas regulator, and knobs
  • Aluminum: Pilot Light pipe, burner pipes, and valves

Scrap Water Heater Value

Water heaters can be worth anywhere between $7–30, depending on the size and materials its made from. The price will depend on whether the tank is recycled as a whole, or if the more valuable parts are first separated.

Before you visit, check the current rates for each type of metal currently on the market. This will help you decide if its worth the effort to separate the materials or simply recycle the water heater as a whole.

Recycle Your Water Heater at Ed Arnold Scrap

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