Yellow and Red Brass

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Yellow & Red Brass Recycling

About yellow and red brass recycling-  both are alloys, and referred to as “Plumbing Brass”. Both contain copper, which is the most valuable element in the alloy. The redder the metal, the more copper it contains. Yellow brass needs purification to be worth money since it is made of a blend of less valuable materials. To learn more about the difference between yellow and red brass, read this article. 

When renovating your home and bathroom, you will often find brass in your residential plumbing, piping, and electrical wires. Rather than throwing it away, turn this metal into cash when you recycle with Ed Arnold. 

How To Scrap Your Yellow & Red Brass

Brass is widely accepted at scrap yards and recycled efficiently. Scrap yards grade brass based on its condition. Depending on the quality of your brass, you will get different prices. To get the best price, separate the yellow and red brass and cut off any pieces of solder or other imperfections. Remove any plastic, paint, or any other matter that will add weight to your brass piece.

Recycling is the best way to sell yellow and red brass. Bring your brass to us for proper disposal and get paid for the material. We offer scrap metal container services to store and easily transport large quantities or red and yellow brass scrap back to our facilities. Call us at 585-762-9080 for rates on brass metal recycling.

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